The Roots


Using local techniques and engaging local artisans, creating a wealth of opportunity for the communities who support us. Thus giving back to society and also creating a tangible sustainable environment for craft and techniques to flourish. Consciously embracing natural fibers since inception, we try to keep our carbon footprint minimal. Experimenting with Indian weaves and a plethora of rich embroideries and texturing techniques, we strive to create something unique. We envisage a world where craft is respected and the artisan venerated for their contribution in this creative journey.

Change is the only constant, but when it comes to clothes in contemporary times, experimentation is the only constant. Fashion trends are made and broken with the blink of an eye and with clothing, the tables have completely turned. Introducing a conscious luxury clothing line at affordable prices, we aim to shatter conventional stereotypes and create a brave, new world. Kaori brings to you a collection that radiates a sense of the most delicate, luxurious and sustainable fabrics.

Characterised by attention to details and unparalleled craftsmanship, these high comfort cloth designs empower you to express yourself, complete an outfit, or even make a statement.

The Story


For The Shreya Agarwal Label,  the soul nourished by the culture and beauty of Jaipur, Shreya infuses the beauty and royal hues of the Pink city in her collections. SHREYA AGARWAL'S collections entail from evening gowns to Indian lehengas, saree and much more. Every composition of the label embodies a minimal yet modern philosophy, striking yet free-spirited - of a kind that is deeply rooted within the women of the age.

After obtaining an astonishing response from folk on shreya agarwal label is the result of Shreya’s dream of creating a brand to connect with local artisans bridge to her passion for kaori. Striving to make a new lease of life to the fading handicraft culture of India.

“Our collections follow our hearts, not seasons, which means we focus on fabrics and designs that give us (and you) the most joy. We are committed to upcycling earth and skin friendly surplus fabrics and embroidering them to create unique pieces for you.” states Shreya

KAORI: The Soul


Rajasthan’s kaleidoscopic beauty serves as the eternal muse for Kaori. Think of the stark, but sculpted dunes of the desert, that change with the moods of the Sun and the Seasons. The vibrant colours of the land, from its architecture and cultural celebrations, to the clothes, jewellery, and cuisine. The spark of ingenuity and enterprising spirit, that helps the region harmonise the past, present, and future with spirited aplomb.

The name Kaori is primarily a female name of Japanese origin that means Fragrant, It can also come from (ka) “smell, perfume” and (ori) “weaving”.and its gracefully define the a aroma weaving with our artisans designs holds a special place in our hearts as we think of inspirational indian clothes for the modern multifaceted folk.

Throughout its every creative process, Kaori is connected to the heart and soul of the homeland; while poised to take flight and explore the ever-changing world.

The Craftsmanship


Multigenerational artisans have used their expertise to handcraft our designs. We are proud of our Indian heritage and proudly support the ‘Make in India’ campaign. Many have made significant efforts to revive indigenous regional crafts and promote traditional artisans to create products that are contemporary and usable in today’s day and age.

The very hands that meticulously create the luxurious and timeless Shreya Agarwal Label, Jaipur cloths, manifest their skills and flair for finesse to breathe life into all the designs. The versatile, warm, and fuss free clothes are happy to wear in your everyday routine. A perfect choice for every day at work, celebratory occasions, and everything in between. Kaori celebrates the new chapter for your personal expression. Kaori attempts to redefine luxury by not just being about the ‘price tag’ but by celebrating everything 'design’.

“Each Kaori design you own would be synonymous with exquisite craftsmanship, aesthetic design, and durability”.

The KAORI People


They love, and are loved deeply. They find strength in nurturance, of their, and of those around who need them the most. It is thus befitting that the brand is inspired and named after the aroma weaving. On this busy schedule we’re taking you off rumpus with very little time to explore bespoke occasion wear, leading to a desire for ready-to-wear options for events & functions.

Kaori encourages you to make a statement without overpowering your identity and personal style. These clothes not only connect you to your emotions, grace, and strength but also accentuate them.

KAORI encourages you to make a statement without overpowering your identity and personal style.